What billing plans are available?

Every month we bill the credit card on file from the date you upgraded to a paid plan, by default. All transactions are in U.S. dollars. You can track all billing details in the Account section of your dashboard.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer through an invoice you can change your payment settings in MY ACCOUNT. Note: This is only available for year plans!

  • Login at your Wally account 
  • Select MY ACCOUNT (1) at the top of the screen and select MY ACCOUNT


Select your plan

  • Select ACCOUNT & PLAN (1)
  • Choose CHANGE PLAN (2)

  • Select one of the plans per year (1) as payment through invoice -bank transfer-, is only available with year plans. 


Change your payment information

  • Select BANK TRANSFER (1) in the dropdown menu at Type.
  • Fill in your invoice detail information under Invoice Information (2)
  • Check all fields, your data and the plan. If this is all correct, you can activate your new method of payment by clicking SUBMIT PAYMENT! (3)
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