How to add and set up Facebook page app

Instruction on how to set up the Facebook Page app

Go to the edit content section


Click on the PLUS icon


Click on the PLUS icon to add a social media app

Select Facebook page



Add your (personal) Facebook account


First your need to add your personal Facebook account. In case you've done it earlier-> please select your account

Click on Connect to Facebook


Click on Your account is connect


Click on


Choose the following options:
- Page news feed: a list of your company page posts
- Page summary: shows the numbers of Likers
- Page check-ins counter: how many times people checked in at your Facebook place
Tip: - Slide show of you latest posts (nice to view in a block 2x2)

Fill in page name:


What is a Facebook page name: you can check your Facebook page name in the URL: ex or if no name

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