In this tutorial we will show you how to connect your Zendesk account to Supportwally. With this you and your support employees will see all your Zendesk data on one screen.

Log in to Supportwally.

Add the app


Click the "Add Content" button to add your first support app.

Choose your app


Select the Zendesk app.

Connect your user account


Connect your useraccount to sync your Zendesk Account to you Supportwally screen.

Configure your Zendesk account


Configure your Zendesk account by following these steps:
1. Give your Zendesk domain. This is the Zendesk URL you have been given.
2. Give the e-mail address and password you use to log in to Zendesk.
3. You can choose to test you connection first to make sure your Zendesk account is linked, or connect your Zendesk account directly to Supportwally.

Add your app


Select the account you want to connect with and click Add this App. If you have multiple Zendesk Accounts you can connect them by clicking Connect another User Account.

Set your block


Now you can set your first block. You can choose from various data source types and views. Ofcourse you can add other types to your Supportwally later. For the Display you can choose from the Headline type (a big block with a counter) or a list (actual supporttickets on your screen).
After you set your block you can choose to create your block or to customize the look of your block.

Customize your block


If you want to can customize your block and give it the colors you want.

Place your block


Now you can grab your block and place it where you want it. You can also edit your block settings again (1), enlarge your block (2) or add a new block (3).
Go to the next step, Preview, to see your supportscreen.



You can see a preview of your supportwall. You can always go black to edit or add more blocks. When you are finished, click on Publish.

Access codes


You will now get an access code to view this screen whenever and wherever you want.

Go to and enter your code.

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