Salesforce API Activation

To use the API, the organization must be on one of the following 3 editions.  Note that this feature is enabled by default:

1. Enterprise Edition

2. Unlimited Edition

3. Developer Edition


The API package is not available for the following editions:

1. Personal Edition

2. Group Edition

3. Professional Edition*

* Certified partner applications, such as the PE version of the Excel Connector, are granted an API token once they have completed a security review. This API token is sometimes referred to as a "Client ID". API requests identified with a certified partner application's API token are allowed to operate with Professional Edition orgs.

For Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer Editions you only need to Edit your profile and select the checkbox for API.

To check if API is active go to Settings, then:


To get the security token go to User Name -> My Settings, then:



Reset the security token, then it’ll be sent a new one to the email:


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