How to change your plan

In order to change your current plan, please follow these easy steps:

This instruction is also for users who which to change their method of payment from PayPal to Creditcard in order to get payment and invoice details in their account under Billing. 


Step 1:

  • Log in at your Wally account. 
  • Choose MY ACCOUNT (1) at the top of the page.
  • A screen opens with your account details. Choose ACCOUNT & PLAN (2).
  • In this screen you will see your current plan. You are able to change this plan by clicking the CHANGE PLAN (3) button. 


Step 2:

  • Select the plan you wish to have (1). 

Step 3:

  • Fill in your Payment and Invoice information (1)
  • Click the SUBMIT PAYMENT button (2) to confirm your payment details. 
  • (To go back to the previous screen and select an other plan, click the ADJUST PLAN button (3) and perform the actions from step 2.)


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