Why are some Facebook pictures not sharp on SocialWally?

Sometimes a picture on the Facebook stream in SocialWally is shown blurry. This can be because of the following reasons: 

1. The picture on your Facebook Wall has a small resolution. Please make sure the resolution of your picture is at least 500 x 500 pixels.

The screen you're showing your SocialWally on is supposedly bigger than your computer screen. The images on your Wally therefore stretch the images, and when they are of a small resolution, it will end up blurry.

2. The images on your Facebook are redirected from Instagram. When you post a picture in Instagram, and you share that picture on your Facebook wall, it will affect the resolution. 

Unfortunately, this is something where we don't have any influence on. The Instagram image in Facebook on your computer screen will also show a little blurred, depending on your screen size. 


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