In this tutorial we will show you how to connect your Mandrill account to Supportwally. With this you and your support employees will see all your Mandrill data on one screen.

Log in to Supportwally.

Add the app


Click the "Add Content" button to add the app.

Choose your app

Select the Mandrill app.

Connect your user account

Click the CONNECT USER ACCOUNT button (1). 

SupportWally asks for a Mandrill Key, which can easily be generated yourself in your Mandrill account. 

Go to and login wit your Mandrill account credentials. 

Click Settings (1). In the screen that follows, you click the blue + NEW API KEY button (2). A form drops down on your screen. 

  • Enter a description for your Key (1). This description is only for you to recognize it.
  • If you use this API Key only for testing some stuff, you can select this my checking the box behind Test Key (2). 
  • Click the Create API KEY button (3) to generate a new key. 
  • Your new Key will appear below in the table under KEY (4).
You can also use an existing Key.  
  • Paste the API Key you've just created in the textbox at KEY (1). 
  • Click the CONNECT button (2)
  • Your Mandrill app is now connected

Add your app

  • Select The Mandrill user account you want to be displayed in SupportWally. (1)
  • Click ADD THIS APP (2)

Set your block

  • Select what data you which to show. You can choose to display the sent emails in a chart view or in a summary overview. (1)
  • Click the Save Settings button to submit your choice. 
  • Click Customize (3) to change the looks of the displayed block. (see also below)


Customize your block

  • Select the colors of the block (1).
  • Click Save Settings (2).

Place your block


Now you can grab your block and place it where you want it. You can also edit your block settings again (1), enlarge your block (2) or add a new block (3).
Go to the next step, Preview, to see your supportscreen.


You can see a preview of your SupportWally. You can always go black to edit or add more blocks. When you are finished, click on Publish.

Access codes


You will now get an access code to view this screen whenever and wherever you want.

Go to and enter your code.

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