Event Moderator and the use of two screens

Monitoring content with EventWally

In this article an overview will be given of all the possibilities on the moderation feature and use of the two screens. On the other pages there will be given specific information about the use of the other applications.

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Two screens

The purchase of EventWally comes with two separate screens. This provides many opportunities, because of the fact there can be shown content on two different locations at the same time. You can show the same content or totally different as well. For example, one screen can just focus on the social channels (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), while on the other screen some videos of Youtube, Livestream or Vimeo can be shown. Consider these are just examples and you can make your own plan.


Switching between screens

Switching between screens is very simple. As shown below, there are two buttons; "screen 1" and "screen 2". By clicking these button you will enter the section of the other screen.



Content can be added separately per screen. Adding content is explained on other pages, click here.


Moderator tool

A main feature of EventWally is the possibility to monitor activities. Through the event moderator tool it is possible to determine which content will be displayed on your EventWally screens. The big advantages are that you can for example follow a hashtag (#) on Twitter, but does not have to show the negative tweets (twitter messages). Also, you can, for example, display the content of your Instagram account but choose to only show three messages.



  1. First you just add the content you want to show. Adding content is explained on the other pages, click here for an overview.
  2. If you have added your account (s), click on the Event Moderator (see picture below)
  3. You can see all your connected accounts are displayed and next there are several options:

Show or hide all your content (1)
By selecting checkbox 1, you show or hide all content of your social account. The starting position (selected) is ‘show’.

Show or hide a single post (2)
By selecting the check boxes within the messages, you show / hide the selected message. The starting position (selected) is ‘show’.

Refresh automatically or refresh manual (3)
By selecting this checkbox, you decide to refresh all content automatically or by hand. If you select to refresh your content by hand, you have the control before a message is shown on the screen. The starting position (selected) is refresh automatically.


The event moderator works for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and RSS feed

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