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In this tutorial we will show you how to show RSS feeds on your EventWally.

Log in to EventWally.


For more information about the motorizing options or the usage of the second screen, please click here.


Add the app

  • Click the "Add Content" (1) button to add your app. The following screen appears:


This screen shows all the available apps in EventWally. For now, we want to have RSS Reader on our wall. For instruction on installing other apps than RSS Reader, stop reading this topic, and follow this link

  • Select the RSS Reader app (1) by clicking it. 


Display RSS Reader on EventWally

You are now ready to display the RSS feed on your personal EventWally.

For an explanation all the features of RSS Reader in EventWally, please check the RSS App page on


  • Select an option in the dropdown menu (1)
  • Type or paste the url of the feed you want to show (2)
  • You have to select the time- and text settings, while using the slideshow mode.

Change the looks of your EventWally feed


  • Click CUSTOMIZE (1) if you wish to change the looks of your RSS content
  • Select a color for the background (2)
  • Select a color for the text (3)
  • Set the text size by selecting normal or large in the dropdown menu (4)
  • To restore the default colors (official RSS  colors), click the RESET TO DEFAULT COLORS button (5)
  • Click the CREATE BLOCK button (6) to save your color settings
  • You can place the block wherever you want it to be on the screen. 

  • You can edit your block settings again by clicking the small radar (1) on the left corner of the RSS Reader block (2) by dragging and dropping
  • Add new block by clicking on a '+' (3).
  • In order to delete a block, click the 'X' (4).
  • Click PREVIEW (5) to view the result of your settings

  • Check if you are satisfied with the looks of your EventWally (1). 
  • Click PUBLISH (2) to make your screen visible to your audience. 

  • You will now get an access code (1) to view this screen whenever and wherever you want.
    Go to and enter your code to display your EventWally to your audience.
  • You can also click one of the OPEN VIEWWALLY buttons (2)
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